Taking Game Design to the Next Level

. . . with outstanding sound. Professional audio is part of every great gaming experience. Panetta Studios produces music and sound effects that drive emotion, cue players and create the perfect atmosphere for your game story.

Sound Design Video Clips

  • Dr. Zorg PS3

    Original Music by Angelo Panetta, Sound Design by Siara Spreen for Panetta Studios.

  • City Sports

    Sound Design by Panetta Studios.

  • Winter Blast Sound Design

    Sound Design by Angelo Panetta and Siara Spreen for Panetta Studios.

  • Summer Sports 2 Island Party

    All menu and play sounds designed by Angelo Panetta, Paul Moran and Siara Spreen.

  • XenoCube Game Play

    Original Music by Angelo Panetta. Get the XenoCube from the iTunes store.

  • Fantasy Slots Mermaid

    Sound Effects by Panetta Studios. Developed by FunPlus Games.

  • WarBlazer Trailer Animatic

    Original Music by Angelo Panetta.

  • Anne Manx ep3

    Anne Manx tries to eliminate Jean Richmond. Inspired by the popular Anne Manx Radio Series. More information at www.rrca.com

Who We Are

Panetta Studios has over 20 years of experience crafting music and sound for hundreds of commercials, movies, industrials, as well as video games. We specialize in creating sound for video game audio engines that help tell the story, create mood, drive emotion and cue players. Contact us today to learn more.