original soundtracks

  • It's a Mess.mp3 (19:16)
  • Evil Little Things.mp3 (53:20)
  • Ghost Note.mp3 (42:30)
  • Madtown.mp3 (33:48)
  • A ORILLAS DEL MAR (By The Sea).mp3 (9:56)
  • Hopes Portal.mp3 (5:29)
  • Anne Manx and the Black Knight.mp3 (25:26)
  • Anne Manx and the Blood Chase.mp3 (57:35)

Music for Film

Dramatic story telling in feature and short films requires special artistic and technical attention.

Like the filmmaker, the composer is a story teller. The composer uses melody, harmony and musical textures to craft the emotions that touches the heart of the viewer.

Angelo Panetta specializes in telling your story through music. With his unique understanding of film techniques, he efficiently creates the proper emotion to support the film and immerse the audience.

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